– Too early or too late

Now you get to hear some strides from some not so big OEMs before the big boys step in to the same space. Perhaps we just get to call them the not so big boys in the industry, where there are many first in the industry who kind of show the way forward trend for innovations that sets the industry on a new direction that will always be followed by other bigger OEM.

Samsung to the news is in with the under screen display technology is coming in with four innovations that might be seen on their next flagship following their invitation to some twenty customers.  The big deal about this OPPO driven technology is that Samsung is probably going to be adding an on-screen fingerprint sensor, surprisingly a speaker that is built into the screen. Also, the screen will have an under a panel that will produce vibrations which will also allow Samsung to put a front-facing camera or an iris scanner still under the display.

This will allow Samsung to achieve a notch free bezeless dispaly that is widely adopted and hated by many, who knowns probably managed by few who still found it unnecessary. Interestingly, Samsung is hiding the sensors that tends to make up the notch in other OEMs which I feel should be beautiful if achieved. Fortunately, this could become a trend that should see that sliding mechanism found in some in OEM out quickly, following the recently concluded AMOLED forum that took placed in china recently. This while understanding that sliding mechanisms no matter how good they seem to be at the moment are often prevalent with issues.

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Lets savour that imagination of the fact that the camera is actually hidden under the screen and you can actually take selfies that could be taken without the physical sight of the camera….. that is quite futuristic if you know what I mean.

Samsung actually is not willingly to bulge to the idea of the notch any soon…….obviously going by what we see right now (the trend). Also on Techsliet: Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Review.


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