The Microsoft Surface line of products have always been one which is admired by all but as always pricey as it has mostly been set them apart from all other tech product line. The dig about the Microsoft line of computers from the previous years are their professional outlook that it proffers to its users given their setups and outlooks, trust me on this.

This line up of product launched by Microsoft this year has seen its additions which have been beyond the expectations of followers and critiques, whatever the group following trends. The surface line of products saw an addition of a new product surfaced headphones following the usual naming of the windows product line. Not very sure anyone saw that coming.

Additional colours to the surface line

Very well yes the surface line lived up to the billing, maintaining the same look from last year manifesting the many fancied leaks on the surface laptop 2 and the surfaced pro 6. You definitely want to expect that the surface line would come in with the latest chips offered on the surface devices which add as a refresh to last year devices.

The surface pro 2 still plays host to a durable Alcantara keyboard cover which now comes in matte black finishing, a big improved feature from the previous year and also an Intel 8th generation quad-core processor which is also supposed to be an improvement from last year. Usage time on the surface pro 2 is boasting a staggering 14.5 hours of battery juice.

Surface Pro 6, a family member on the surface line witnessed a touch of revamping or refresh from its older sibling from last year. The hybrid tablet cum laptop offered by Microsoft also comes in a matte black finishing to the fancy of many, I guess. Weighing about 1.7 pounds, the surface pro 6 offers battery life of about 13.5 hours.

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Say hello to the newcomer; the surface headphones

Very fresh on the stands of the surface line-up is the Cortana built-in headphone offered by Microsoft. The wireless Bluetooth surface headphones are built to appeal with its offering which is still what could be found in 2018 devices. Offering a USB C for charging purpose is pointing the, over the ear surface headphone to a standard of what should be found in devices this year. Also coming in 0.64 pounds the headphones stops the audio once taken off the ears, I bet you use want to see how this works in 2018.

Expectedly the surface headphone is not letting go without the heavy price tag placed on it, and also a gadget made compatible with the IOS and Android which make it the headphone for consideration this fall. Enough to be given a thought, this noise cancelling headphones starts at a whopping $349 but still an impressive piece of a device… trust me.

The Nifty Surface Studio 2

This is the creative office tool offered on the Microsoft owned surface line which actually has not been upgraded for almost 2years. Well, there is nothing so much about the looks compared to the one from the previous year but there is everything about the performance which is the upgrade from the surface studio.

This type of computer has always been shaped for media artist or the better word will be graphic artists as the need applies, trust me this is the upgrade. The surfaces studio is the has those mouth-watering specs that will set you back at $ 3500 which I suppose is expected considering how pricey it can be.

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Underhood you get the 7th generation Intel Core i7 that is powered by the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 and 6GB GDDR5 memory to fulfil your graphics needs, and also a 1TB NVMe SSD along with a 16gb of ddr4. This is away from the hybrid it used to adorn in the previous surface studio.

Let’s get these straight you know where to pitch your tent when you want to make your choice which is the wonderful thing about the Microsoft line of products.

You did be wondering what else you could gain attached to using this surface line of products. Yea, it is Microsoft introducing the app mirroring feature.

App mirroring

What is app mirroring you would be wondering. This is an effort by Microsoft to sync in between windows 10 and the android, which is more like making a PC OS compatible with a mobile OS.

The feature lets you select an app on your android device to be used on the windows 10 and that’s not all file dragging is enabled on this feature. This dragging of files on the app mirror feature allows pairing of the PC and the smartphone, who has been waiting for this .. me!  According to Microsoft, this feature will be available from the next windows 10 update.

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