Asking why your iPhone X won’t turn on is damn scrappy for such a gadget. How will anyone else feel if after spending $1000+ to buy an iPhone then maybe on a rare occasion, it died off and after putting it on power, it refused to power on? I mean this is a damn crazy thing to imagine because I personally won’t be happy with this kind of scenario.

Now that you are here reading this page, chances are, your iPhone X is giving you some glitches which happened to affect your user experience may be getting you upset.

But don’t worry about this too much since we have got you covered in this very post you are reading. This article will introduce you to the causes why iPhone X won’t turn on and below are some practical ways by which you can fix the problem. Follow these step by step guides and it surely will help you.

This has been a common issue which has been reported several times to the Apple company like a bug following the recently released version of the iOS. If your iPhone X has been shut down for a while and you decided to power it on, it’s as simple as making use of the power button as usual to power on the iPhone. But in the recent release of the iPhone X, the device seems to have a little bug which is yet to be rectified by Apple.

So, having tried to power on your iPhone and it keeps on showing the black screen without any reaction or sign of booting, it’s probably have gotten some infections which we are going to perform some diagnostic measures to resolve this for you.

Any iPhone user may from time to time experience situations when an iPhone X won’t turn on or won’t respond to button actions. You may even find your iPhone X won’t power on, all of a sudden. You need not panic; these are both issues you can rectify by following methods in this post. Imobie blog

5 Causes of iPhone X Won’t Turn on

Everyone facing this issue keeps on wondering why the beautiful looking gadget, iPhone X will not turn on after charging or maybe in any situation. The causes are numerous ranging from corrupted software, outdated software, faulty battery, hardware issues, physical damages or dents.

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In some other complicated issues of such, you may at times face a situation where the iPhone might attempt to power on but will be stuck without moving forward. Whichever your situation maybe doesn’t make any difference from our topic today which will help you fix iPhone X won’t turn on.

  1. Outdated Software
  2. Virus Corrupted Software
  3. Faulty Battery
  4. Hardware issues
  5. Dents or Physical Damages

However, whatever be your own fault, we have provided all required steps to turn on a stuck iPhone X in the next section for you to recover your iPhone X.

How to Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn on in 5 Easy Steps

Hopefully, after following these simple steps provided here, your iPhone X which have refused to turn on will become fully operational if you follow one or all of these steps.

1. Force Restart your iPhone X

If your iPhone X has been frozen, showing a black screen or stuck on the startup screen, this option might help to bring your device back to fully operational. You can try the force restart option and your phone will be restored to normal.

This step is more recommended because under no account are you going to lose any data stored in your iPhone. According to Imobie, this operation works even when the buttons do not respond to touch.

  •  Press and hold down the Volume Up button for a while.
  • Press the Volume Down button for a very short period.
  • Hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

This diagnostic measure works to some extent but might not work for you. Whichever be the case, if it worked, share your experiences on the comment section but if it doesn’t, go ahead and try other steps below to revive your iPhone x to fully operational.

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2. Charge your iPhone X

Since we earlier stated that sometime this issue of iPhone x won’t turn on is usually caused by a faulty battery, it might be that your battery died off earlier than you expected and has caused this issue to arise. In that case, if you have tried the above step and it didn’t work go ahead and charge your iPhone X.

If your iPhone X charger is good it should start charging immediately. However, if you are stuck at the error message “Connect your Charger” this might be a reason that your USB is faulty and you might be required to change it. Get a good USB cable and charge your iPhone X for at least, 1 hour. Watch and see if the charge screen appears.

3. Reset your iPhone X via iTunes

Most a times, your iPhone might be corrupted and needs to be formatted. It’s, in this case, recommended to reset iPhone in order to remove all corrupted files and software installed. This mostly might be as a result of installing unauthorized files, phishing software or hacked software resulting in your iPhone being corrupted.

Whichever be the case, you have to let go your old data by deleting them using iTunes from another device. This step is a little bit complicated, you might need to contact a specialist if you are not tech savvy.

4. Check for Possible dent or Liquid

Many cases reported users faces a problem of water entered their iPhones and maybe the ultra water resistant wasn’t good enough. This is usually caused if you’re either not using an iPhone case like Otterbox defender or Lifeproof Fre. If this happens to be your condition, I’m afraid, you won’t be able to resolve it alone but rather, contact an engineer near you or contact the official Apple customer service for advice.

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5. Update your Softwares Via iTunes

The good news about iPhone X is, you’d be able to update all outdated software even when yours is turned off. This gives you the opportunity to try updating your software in order to diagnose if your iPhone X refused to power on or stuck because of outdated software. If you try all the above steps and none of them works for you, then contact an engineer near you. Share your experience on the comment box.


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