Bring you this short breaking news from tech lovers is fun as an iPhone user confirmed that his iPhone had felt inside the water and he was able to find the iPhone in 8 hours time, yet nothing happened to the iPhone. Meanwhile, to protect your iPhone with a water-resistant post, we recommended you buy either Lifeproof Fre case or Otterbox. But if you are confused about which to buy, read a comprehensive difference between Lifeproof vs Otterbox.

Apple worked hard in recent years to make a waterproof iPhone a very great gadget. The latest models can survive being submerged in up to 6.5 feet of water for half an hour. And last year’s handsets are almost as water resistant.

Here’s the story of the Reddit user who claimed this story to be true. And by facts and findings, it’s easier to understand that the recent production of iPhone X and latest surely can resist water for up to half an hour and never guarantee eight hours.

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However, the technology around this industry is really amazing and wouldn’t be a bad idea to make an iPhone last up to this period without getting damaged.

According to the reddit user: Lorislongfellow

I was enjoying some water sports with my soon to be fiance who I was planning to propose to 2 hours after this happened. We decided to take the iPhone out to take some photos of us kayaking and stand up paddle boarding on the beach (yes probably a stupid idea). So I had my iPhone in my pocket as I got up on the stand up paddle board and I fell backwards into the water. That was when it struck me. My phone was no longer in my pocket.

After desperately trying to relocate the phone using snorkeling gear lol it quickly dawned upon us that there was no way we were going to find the phone amongst all the rocks and debris on the ocean floor. Plus I figured that the phone will probably be water damaged before long being submerged in salty sea water. Furthermore, radiowaves can’t penetrate water so my phone immedately lost reception meaning we weren’t able to call it or use find my iPhone.

This was obviousy a massive downer for me but I brushed it off. After all I was planning on proposing.

So I went ahead with the proposal and it went really well 🙂 had a celebratory dinner on the beach. I would occasionally look out to the ocean knowing that my iPhone was sitting on the ocean floor but I wasn’t going to let that ruin the night for me.

When we finally returned home I decided to try find my iPhone again. This was T+8 hours post fall into water. The tide had gone out a bit so I was hoping that the seas would part and my phone would get signal again.

Lo and behold I got a signal!

So we raced down to the beach and I played the sonar sound through find my iPhone and was able to locate it amongst the rocks. 66% battery left haha.

To my surprise it was in perfect working condition! We quickly took it back home and put it in some rice and I haven’t had any problems with it since.

Thanks apple for creating such a sturdy product in the iPhone X and the amazing find my iphone app. It was the icing on the cake to a perfect day!


Dropped phone in ocean 2 hours before proposal. Did said propsal anyway. She said yes! Used find my iPhone to relocate phone on the ocean floor once the tide had come out 8 hours after being submerged in water in perfect working condition. WINNING.

EDIT: Just to clarify things…

  1. When I found it again it wasn’t underwater anymore as it was low tide and it had fallen in at high tide

  2. It was approx 1m underwater when it fell in

  3. Water sports means water sports lol … edit again. omg did not realise it had another meaning after checking urban dictionary…..

This is to believe that the iPhone can actually resist water for a longer time than the official iPhone claimed. However, it is not recommended for anyone on their own should go and try this hack. This piece was published for information purpose.

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