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HD Filmywap Hollywood, Bollywood Movies download 2018



Filmywap has been in Existent sharing HD movies for long. In the business, they are actually on the list of performances. I will say they are next after xpau se in distributing HD movies for free download. IN many other websites that share Movies, it’s so bad that you might not recognize the people in it due to how blurish it might be. But with Filmy Wap, you are sure of HD MP4 movies.

Before you landed on this page, you might be looking for filmywap 2018 Bollywood movies downloads, filmywap 2018, filmywap Bollywood movies, filmywap Movies, filmywap 2019, filmywap Bollywood movie, filmywap 2018 Hollywood, filmiwap com movies 2018 and so on but whatever be the topic you are looking for, be sure that you’ll surely download 100% HD movies at the end of the episode.

Filmywap Hollywood Movies 2018

Filmywap most likely deals on posting Hollywood movies. Hollywood is the largest movie producing theatre industry in the world and widely recognized in producing quality movies. Most times, it can be too unbearable to spend over $500 just to afford a Cinema ticket in order to watch a Tv show. But with Filmywap, you can watch all Hollywood movies that are currently listed on the site for free.

There are thousands of other websites which you can download Hollywood movies from but Filmywap offers quality and highly rated movies. As I have always said, if you search for any movie there and can’t find it, do not panic, instead, come to the comment box and leave the name of the movie there and I will reply your comment with where to download it from

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Hollywood has these movies as the top rated in 2018

  1. Black Panther (Action Movie)
  2. Avengers: Infinity War (Action Movie)
  3. First Man (History)
  4. The Annihilation (Horror Movie)
  5. Mission Impossible – Fallout (Action Movie)
  6. Incredibles (Action Movie)
  7. A Quiet Place (Horror Movie)
  8. Deadpool (Action Movie)
  9. Ant-Man and the Wasp (Action Movie)
  10. Venom (Action Movie)
  11. Solo: A Star Wars Story (Action Movie)
  12. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (Family Movie)
  13. Hereditary (Horror Movie)
  14. star Is Born (Comedy Show)
  15. Ready Player One (Action Movie)
  16. Isle of Dogs (Comedy Show)
  17. Halloween (Horror Movie)
  18. Creed 2 (Adventure)

All these interesting movies can be downloaded on Filmywap for free in full HD version but if you can’t find them there at the moment maybe due to one or two reasons, then you can try other movie downloading websites.

Filmywap Bollywood movies 2018 download Free

Filmywap 2018 Bollywood movies download FreeIn 2018 alone, Filmi Wap has loaded close to 100s of movies in Hindi and English versions for free download. It’s with joy we recommend Filmwap to our readers to enjoy. The Challenge we discovered was, users are unable to locate the categories of the movies thereby not able to download the right movie category they are looking for.

In this short guide, you’re going to see how you can download Bollywood movies either in Hindi or English for free.

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Step 1: Visit

Step 2: First, you might not find Hindi at the front page, so what you are required to do is tap on any Movie genre of your choice. Example “Action movies, Family Movies, Comedy and so on. After that, you will be provided with the option to chose either Hindi or English movies for the free download.

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Step 3: Scroll down a little and tap on “Download High Speed (720p)

Step 4: Go and enjoy your movie.

Now that you’ve been able to download Free Bollywood and Hollywood movies with Filmywap you can share the news with your friends and family to also enjoy for free. Entertainment is good.

Top Trending Filmywap Hollywood Movies

Here’s a list of top Hollywood movies you should consider downloading that are currently listed on Filmywap. You can just copy and paste the string here on the search box of Filmywap and they will appear then you can start downloading them for free. There are either movies or tv series. All are amazing.

  1. Into the Badlands (Into the Badlands is a very powerful TV series with currently 3 seasons yet with over 8-10 episodes each. The movie is an action movie you will definitely enjoy)
  2. RuPauls Drag Race (The movie was released in 2018 published by Hollywood in the United States and it’s a TV Series)
  3. The Oblongs (Old TV show released since 2001 but it’s still the powerful movie to look up to)
  4. The Adventures of Puss in Boots (Released in 2018 Hollywood action movie)
  5. Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

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Wrapping Up

Filmywap Movies are very enticing and simple to download with just a few taps. The only disadvantage of using such as the fact that they redirect too much to porn sites, Ponzi schemes sites and other unwanted websites that wouldn’t add any value to you. But in the convention of you know what you are there for, it’s easy to close the popup tabs and continue browsing your mission.

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Most of the movie downloading websites like Filmywap make their monies view pop up adverts and the likes so, it’s not to worry too much on why the popup. If you can’t find the movie you are looking for on Filmywap, it’s advised you look for other means like which also offer premium HD movies. but you need a torrent to be able to download it. Else, use IDM to download it for free without torrent.

How Tos

Check Georgia Mega Millions Lottery Result –



Georgia Mega Millions Lottery 2019 and How to Check Result Online.

Georgia Mega Millions Lottery Result – Would you like to win enormous with the Mega Millions? Your odds have recently expanded, in light of the fact that the association is rolling out a few improvements that will raise ticket costs and bonanzas.

Georgia Mega Millions Lottery Result

The organization said the move is in light of clients who need greater prizes.

“We have an interest for development to keep crisp, engaging lottery diversions and to convey the eye catching big stakes,” Debbie Alford, Mega Millions president and CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corp., said in an announcement.

“We’re eager to convey the chance to make progressively moguls and furthermore give more chances to raise extra incomes for the regarded causes lotteries advantage.”

About the Georgia Lottery

In November, 1992, the Georgia Lottery was made by a sacred revision endorsed in a choice. The Lottery for Education Act made the Georgia Lottery Corporation to manage and work the GA Lottery.

In its 25 years of activity, GA lottery ticket deals have surpassed $70 billion and have exchanged more than $19.8 billion to the Georgia State Treasury’s Lottery for Education Account.

Georgia Lottery continues are utilized to help support explicit training projects, for example, educational cost stipends, grants, undergrad loads, Pre-K programs for each of the 4-year olds, and capital tasks, including PC and other mechanical redesigns for schools, specialized foundations, universities, and colleges in Georgia.

What you need to know

– The ticket costs are going up.

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Ticket costs are going from $1 per play to $2 per play. Players will likewise have the capacity to buy tickets for up to 14 back to back draws.

Concerning the Powerball tickets costs, those will continue as before at $2.

– The big stake will be greater.

The Mega Million prize is likewise expanding. It will start at $40 million rather than $15 million.

– Auxiliary prizes will be bigger, as well.

On account of the bigger beginning big stake, there will be better chances to win $1 million prizes. The auxiliary prizes will go up also. In the event that you coordinate four white balls and the Mega Ball, you will win $10,000 rather than $5,000.

On the off chance that you coordinate three white balls and the Mega Ball, you will procure $200 rather than $150. On the off chance that you coordinate two white balls and the Mega Ball, you will take $10 rather than $5, and in the event that you coordinate one white ball and a Mega Ball, you can bring home $4 rather than $2.

– There will be more chances to enter the Mega Millions.

Players will almost certainly bet $3 for two passages to win the big stake. This “Simply the Jackpot” choice is just accessible in six states, including Georgia, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Texas. Different zones will most likely offer this later on.

– There will be more opportunities to win.

Before, players could coordinate five white balls from 0 to 75 and one Mega Ball number from 1 to 15.

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Presently, they can coordinate five right balls from 0 to 70 and one Mega Ball number from 1 to 25.”Players will have a 1 of every 24 by and large shot of winning a value,” the public statement read.

List of 10 winning numbers from 1st January – 1stFebruary 2019

It is safe to say that you are searching for the last ten winning mixes? Indeed, you are in good fortune. We give a rundown of late Georgia Mega Millions winning numbers.

This will enable you to see whether you have won the lottery or not. You can likewise utilize the rundown to dissect the numbers, and discover cold and hot ones all alone.

Date Winning Numbers Jackpot
Feb 01, 2019 237




Mega Ball 11

Megaplier 5 X

   $125 Million
Jan 29, 2019 1033




Mega Ball 22

Megaplier 2 X

   $109 Million
Jan 25, 2019 816




Mega Ball 10

Megaplier 2 X

   $96 Million
Jan 22, 2019 415




Mega Ball 16

Megaplier 5 X

   $82 Million
Jan 18, 2019 243




Mega Ball 24

Megaplier 3 X

   $68 Million
Jan 15, 2019 2952




Mega Ball 7

Megaplier 2 X

   $55 Million
Jan 11, 2019 45




Mega Ball 20

Megaplier 3 X

   $50 Million
Jan 08, 2019 1326




Mega Ball 5

Megaplier 5 X

   $45 Million
Jan 04, 2019 2129




Mega Ball 15

Megaplier 4 X

   $40 Million
Jan 01, 2019 3444




Mega Ball 14

Megaplier 4 X

   $425 Million

Step by step instructions to Win Mega Millions

  • Match every one of the five of the triumphant numbers drawn PLUS the Mega ball to win or share the big stake prize.
  • Match every one of the five of the triumphant numbers attracted to win a $1,000,000 prize.
  • Match four out of five winning numbers PLUS the Mega ball to win $10,000.
  • Match four out of five winning numbers to win $500.
  • Match three out of five winning numbers PLUS the Mega ball to win $200.
  • Match three out of five winning numbers to win $10.
  • Match two out of five winning numbers PLUS the Mega ball to win $10.
  • Match one out of five winning numbers PLUS the Mega ball to win $4.
  • Match just the Mega ball to win $2.
  • Megapliers go about as multipliers for the prize cash (duplicates the prize by 2, 3, 4, or 5)
  • Megaplier does not duplicate the big stake
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How to make Peanut Burger at home.



How to make Peanut Burger at home.

How to make peanut burger at home when you are less busy.

Ingredients for making peanuts burger snack.

  • 1 cup of roasted or raw peanut.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.
  • 4 tablespoon of all purpose flour.
  • 3 tablespoon of corn flour.
  • 4 tablespoon of convention sugar ( icing sugar).
  • 1/2 tablespoon of nutmeg.
  • 1 large egg.
  • 1/2 tablespoon of Cayenne pepper ( optional).
  • Cooking oil deep enough to fry peanut snacks.
Direction on how to make peanut Burger snacks.
1. Bring your peanut into a wide bowl, pick out all the broken or splinted peanuts.
(These are some roasted peanuts, raw peanuts (groundnut) can be used for this snacks).
2. Combine all purpose flour in another bowl, add sugar, nut meg, pepper, baking powder, and mix well.
(Ingredients of peanuts Burger snacks).
3. Bring the egg into another bowl, add 1 tablespoon of flour to the egg and whisk until you have tunny barter.
(whisked egg).

4. Add 1 tablespoon of the tunny egg and a tablespoon of the mixed flour to the peanut and shake it in an anticlockwise direction.
(coating of peanuts with flour and egg batter.)

5. The peanut will stick together at first, use your fingers to separate them,

and then add some dry flour to cover those stickly peanut and shake them again.

(Still on the process of coating peanut burger.)
6. Repeat step 4 and 5 for about 5 times until all the egg is finished and the peanuts are completely coated with the flour and are separately from one another.
7. When all the peanuts are completely coated and are smooth, transfer into a colander and gently shake off excess flour from it, just like the picture in step 5.
8. Heat up cooking oil in a deep pan, fry the peanuts for 10 minutes, maybe 2 or 3 batches depending on the size of your peanuts Burger, stirring occasionally until golden Brown.
(Frying of peanuts Burger snacks with oil).
(All the peanuts should be evenly brown before removing from the oil).

9. Draw all the peanuts burgers on a paper towel to cool completely. Serve when chilled.
Spicy peanuts burgers is ready and it’s must try.
You have to try yours… 
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General tips

Ues of simple sewing tools and equipment 



Learning objectives

At the end of this ARTICLE, readers should be able to:

  1. Identify tools and equipment for sewing;
  2. State the uses of simple sewing tools and equipment;
  3. Practice how to handle needle and thread;
  4. Practice how to thread the needle quickly and correctly.

 simple tools and equipment

There are quite a number of tools and equipment used for needle craft, each has its place and usefulness, its care and handling for good efficiency in the tasks, which they are used to perform.

These tools are many but we shall consider only a number of simple ones, namely: sewing machine, bobbin, dress maker’s or tailor’s chalk, tape measure, needle, pattern pin, pin cushion, scissor, pinking shears, seam ripper, sewing table, thimble, thread/yarn, brown paper, tracing wheel, sewing box or basket, the steam iron, the ironing board, the pressing cloth, spools of thread, shears.

 The sewing machine

A sewing machine is used to stitch fabric or other material together with thread. Sewing machines were invented long ago during the first industrial revolution to reduce the amount of manual sewing work performed by clothing companies. They have greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of fabrics and clothing industries since the invention of the first sewing machine.

The main stitch of most older machines, chain stitch, has one major drawback: it is weak and the stitch can easily be pulled apart. As machines were being used, people realized that a stitch more. Suited to machine production was needed, this led to the creation of lock stitches.

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A lock stitch is created by two separate threads interlocking through the two layers of fabric, resulting in a stronger, sturdier stitch that looks the same from both sides of the fabrics. Sewing machines made today are of different types, hand operated, those operated by foot pedals or those that are electric. They are capable of producing a great variety of plain or patterned stitches.

 Uses of simple sewing equipment and tools

  1. The sewing machine: this is used for making or mending clothes or household linens. It can also carry out fancy sewing which are decorative, including patterns such as shirring, smocking embroidery or quilting
  2. A sew table for a sewing machine: this is like a writing table on which the sewing machine is placed for us. The height must be right and the space sufficient for activities related to the job of sewing to be easily carried out.
  • Stitching awl: this is a pointed tool for making small holes.
  1. Bobbin: this is a cylinder or spindle for holding or dispensing thread
  2. Bodkin: bodkin is a blunt needle for drawing a tape of ribbon through a loop or hem.
  3. Dressmaker’s or tailor’s shear: these are large than the ordinary and are also very sharp for a good job of cutting fan precisely
  • Tape measure: this does all the work of measuring people, objects or cloth. It is usually 60 inches in length and half an inch wide.
  • Needles: when threaded, they are used for mending or making clothing or household linens
  1. Brown paper: patterns, of whatever need, to be made are cut out on brown paper. The pattern is then placed on a piece of cloth to cut out and sew. This process ensures that a guide is provided for whatever style to be made.
  2. Seam ripper: this is used to remove stitches that are incorrectly used on clothing
  3. Thread or yarn: these are used when needed, both work together to mend or make clothing
  • Tailor’s chalk: this is used when a pattern is made, or used to trace out patterns on a piece of cloth to be sewn
  • Sewing box: this is used for the storage of all needle craft tools and accessories
  • Pins: these are used to hold two pieces of clothes together while we sew them. They keep the pieces together without allowing shifting while we sew them together.
  1. Iron and ironing board: every stage in clothing requires pressing. The ironing boards supply the platform on which the iron does the pressing.
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 Using simple sewing tools and equipment

The following points are important when using simple sewing tools and equipment:

  1. The use of simple sewing tools and equipment render sewing pleasurable and easy. Using the sewing machine at the right height prevents fatigue.
  2. Storage of tools and equipment in a designated place allows them to be within reach when you need them. A sewing box or basket stores all the tools needed for sewing.
  3. Sewing tools and equipment requires care so that we can prolong their usage. The sewing machine requires oiling to lubricate the parts that do the work sewing. Running a sewing machine while it is not in use, power of for efficient use.
  4. Needles and pins are sharp objects, and we need to handle them properly to avoid any accident which they can cause.
  5. The pressing of collars, seams, hems, or any clothing object made, are done on a pressing board with a pressing iron. For coal iron, pour out the coal which is on fire and quench it with water to prevent a fire hazard. If electric iron is used, set and regulate to the required temperature and handle the iron with care.

Evaluation questions

  1. Name three tools for sewing
  2. Name five uses of simple tools and equipment
  3. Thread needles correctly and safely
  4. Mention three simple methods of using tools and equipment


  1. Pupils are to examine the sewing machine displayed. They can take turn to sit down and turn it without threads
  2. Pupils should hold needles and have fun threading them correctly and safely
  3. Examine the needles on display and write down the uses of each
  4. Pupils to store away sewing materials in their proper place
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