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Ecobank Nigeria Upgrades Core Banking Application



In an announcement by the Managing Director of Ecobank Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Akinwuntan, Ecobank has now upgraded its core banking application for a more better customers experience. He added that he moves was part of the bank’s strategic commitment to ensuring that customers receive the best of service possible.

According to himself “Our upgraded system has superior functionalities which will help us deliver our brand promise as the Bank of choice for convenient, reliable and affordable services to our customers.

“The new platform also promises improved performance of our digital channels as well as top range security as you carry out your transactions,”Akinwuntan stated.

The Ecobank Nigeria boss also apologised to customers over disruptions that they experienced during the period of the upgrade.

The bank MD in a letter to Ecobank customers in Nigeria, expressed excitement about the upgrade.

According to Akinwuntan, “during the period our ATMs, Cards, and Mobile App were available for use, however, we experienced some post-migration issues which affected transfers in and out of the bank and have now been mostly resolved.

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“I apologise for any service hitches experienced during the upgrade and appreciate our customers’ commitment and partnership with Ecobank. We value their relationship greatly and are committed to ensuring they receive the best service possible.” This news updates were first published by Thisdaylive

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Software Applications

How to Set Up a Metered Internet Connection in Windows 10




Metered internet

So I connected my laptop to my mobile hotspot. Truth be told, I had just 300Megabite since I had issues recharging from my bank mobile app possibly because of my network connection. Then I decided to manage the 300MB with my Laptop which has Windows 10 Home installed.


To my greatest surprise, in a distance of 10 minutes or less, I was already warned by my network provider that my subscription was getting low. It was so painful to me because I was browsing very important websites that I wouldn’t like to go and get back again.

Attention: How to Install Windows 10 If Stuck at 64% Loops

I had no alternative and I suspended browsing at that moment till I was able to secure a call card and converted it to Internet allowance. So, I never wanted to do the same mistake like I did the previous time that drained my 300mb in 10 minutes, the option was to set my Wifi Network to a Metered Connection and right here am going to show you how I did it in my computer and how you too can do it.

Important of Setting your Windows 10 Wifi to a Metered Connection

When you set Windows 10 to a Metered Connection, it serves a lot of role to you as the end user. As a matter of fact, this is the best feature that Microsoft included in their OS that made me happier.

With a Metered Connection, I have been able to browse the internet even 5 times longer than I use to do the previous time and am going to show you why you needed the metered connection too on your own computer.

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  1. Windows 10 Metered Connection helps you to save money for Data Subscription
  2. Metered Connection helps to stop Windows from Updating without your concerns
  3. It helps you choose when to download any update whatsoever and when not to
  4. It makes your browsing speed to increase since you will not be spending other resources downloading updates

How to Set Up a Metered Internet Connection in Windows 10 Operating System

Step 1: Click the Windows button or Start Up Menu button

Windows 10 metered connection

Step 2: Click on Settings as it is indicated on the screenshot below

metered connection

Step 3: Click on Network & Wifi to continue

metered connection

Step 4: Choose the Network you wish to set to Metered Connection

Step 5: Click on Advanced Options after clicking on the Network

Step 6: Toggle the Radio Button that says “Set as Metered Connection


Successfully, you have set your Internet connection to Metered Connection and it won’t be downloading updates automatically without your concerns anymore. If there are updates, it must wait until you permit it to download and install updates. If you have any issue doing this, kindly leave a comment or contact me.

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Software Applications

Installing Windows 10 Stuck at 64% How to fix it 100%




Windows 10

Windows 10 is gradually becoming a huge problem in our tech space. Either every day, one or two persons must complain of the same issue and it seems to me that they are little or no solutions to what people are complaining about. I mean, sometimes ago, I got a new Notebook which after using it for 5 days, the Start Menu button wasn’t working anymore. I was deeply furious and wanted to place a return order on my merchant website.

But hey, I decided to hold on since I contacted HP and they told me I shouldn’t worry there’s no problem with my PC only the Operating system that needed to be fixed.

Quickly, I contacted Microsoft to fix this for me, behold, they told me I could virtually fix this alone at my end. I was skeptical about what to say since I wasn’t computer savvy then. My long search for solution got me thinking if there was any customers service at all at Microsoft that could fix issues genuinely in a timely manner.

Just as I expected, I had a live chat with Anthony who was very supportive until I achieved a result at the end. Anthony who I gave remote access to my PC and he did some settings which never worked. I was stuck and over 3 days, I could not use my laptop which got me angry and decided to seek a professional.

Installing Windows 10 Stuck at 64% How I fixed it 100%

On a good day, I tried to install windows 10 on my laptop to replace the former installation downtime I got. While trying to install windows, I found out that my system went off which caused a big crash on my hard drive. I had to do a full clean install of Windows 10.

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To my greatest surprise, my PC has been left on counting to 64% and It has been like this for 2 days so it got me worried, I never wanted to continue in the long wait. I got to read an article on a blog where I was made to understand by a fellow who faced the same issue that she also faced this and the 64% was over after 3 days plus.

I was profoundly worried while I look for other alternatives to fixing my Laptop. So I got to see this very topic created over and over again on Microsoft Forum and no one could get a solution as all reports were negative. I quickly contacted someone and explained to them what I was facing.

Good news, he gave me steps to which worked for me and am going to be sharing these same steps right here for everyone. So you could get your system back.

But I’m afraid, you may lose all your data and files at the moment because your Hard Drive has been affected already by your previous actions to reinstall windows. In most cases, it may be that you are only trying to reset windows and got this challenge level. No Problem.

Step 1: Create an Installation Media from Microsoft Windows Site

This option is very important. You need to create an installation media using windows 10 media tool from Microsoft website or Click here to start downloading. Use either a flash drive or DVD to create the ISOs file. This step might take up to 30 minutes or more depending on your internet speed and processor. However, you can continue using your PC for another purpose while it completes settings.

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Note: Any device you are using to create Recovery Media must be empty else, any file inside will automatically be deleted. Therefore, format the drive before using it.

Step 2: Restart your PC and Boot from CD/DVD/USD

It is mostly different depending on the manufacturer’s PC you are using. In my own case, am using Notebook and I used F10 to boot BIOS then boot from a Flash Drive.

Step 3: Select the Language, keyboard type and time and hit next to continue the next step

Step 4: Select Your Architecture and Windows Edition.

Windows 10 installation

In my own case, I selected English and then Windows 10 Home then 64-bit Operating system

Step Five: Select Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced)

Windows 10

Step 6: Select a partition in your Hard Drive and Click Next on the next windows, click Install Now

Wait for windows to complete installation which might take up to 10-30 minutes depending on your PC processor. After installation, download Drivers Pack from the respective store and update drivers so your functionalities will start working.

Click here to Download DriverPack Solution

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Software Applications

Facebook Working On Its Own Cryptocurrency For WhatsApp Payments come 2019: Report




After having a disastrous year with multiple data breaches and internal conflict reports, Facebook is reportedly working on its cryptocurrency to facilitate payments in WhatsApp.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Facebook is developing a digital currency that will be pegged against the U.S. dollar for price stability, according to some people aware of the developments. With its cryptocurrency, Facebook will initially focus on markets like India, where the digital transfer of money is on the rise.

There is much time left before the digital currency will be launched as the social media giant is still deciding the strategy on how to protect the value of the stablecoin. The strategy would include a plan for custody assets or regular currencies for minimizing the volatility.

Facebook’s entry into the financial services is long overdue after it recruited the former Paypal president David Marcus in 2014 who currently manages the company’s blockchain projects.

The social media platform wants to harness the power of blockchain technology and make money out of it. According to a Facebook spokesperson, “Like many other companies, Facebook is exploring ways to leverage the power of blockchain technology.”

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app in India with more than 200 million users. Facebook wants to capitalize on the fact that India is the leading country in the world when remittances are considered. According to a report by the World Bank, Indians living abroad sent $69 billion back to the country in 2017.

Do you think people would use cryptocurrency developed by Facebook after the waning trust of the users in the company? Express your views below.

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