Adsense is a contextual ad program which is owned by Google, that is why it is called Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the best Pay Per Click adverting program and that is why every webmaster or blogger are happy to have Google Adsense ads on their blog, even those without Adsense on their blog still dream for them to have google advertisements running on their blog or website.

The reason is that these days it is getting really tough for bloggers to get adsense on their blogs. Google receives thousands of requests to join the adsense program from webmasters, website owners, bloggers and aspiring adsense publishers but only few are approved. I have heard words like “Google Adsense approval is getting strict these days”, “How to I get my Google Account Approved For Adsense”, “How To Get Google Adsense on My Blogs”, “The Easiest Way To Get Google Adsense approval”, and it is looking as if it is impossible to get Adsense approval. In this post, you will learn how to qualify your blog to get adsense approval from google on your blog.,

How To Get Adsense Approval From Google on Your Blog

  1. You must get a custom domain name for your blog. A custom domain name determines the professionalism of your blog. Do not use free blogging extensions such as extensions with a,, .tk, .ml, .ga to apply for adsense. ( Examples of Blogs with custom domains are Nigeria Online Guide.
  2. You must be18 years and above if you must get adsense approval.
  3. A responsive blog with a good design will give you approval from google. Rather than using free themes, try and get a good looking premium theme or template for your blog.
  4. Make sure that you have enough content on your blog when applying for Adsense. You cannot have 5 posts on your blog and you are applying for adsense, your request will be rejected because you have insufficient content on your blog. Your posts and the texts in your posts must be sufficient. Google does not give a specification of the number of posts which you must have on your blog for you to get approval. Some people from various niches say they got approval with 7 posts, some got with 12 posts, others say 15 posts, some have 30 posts and still yet, they haven’t gotten approval from google. In my own opinion, if you are serious and zealous on getting approval, I will advise you to have at least 20 quality posts on your blog and keep on updating them with unique content till you get approval.
  5. Google likes quality content, for you to join their program, you must adhere to this. Make sure that your blog posts are unique and that there are quality ones. You should check your articles to make sure that none of them are copied or plagiarized.
  6. Remove other adverts running on your blog if any. Most bloggers make the mistake of applying for adsense with the adverts of other advertising and affiliate programs running on their blog.
  7. Understand Adsense policies and make sure that your blog do not have illegal content and adult content such as gambling, smoking, pornography, drug etc
  8. Add important pages such as About us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimer on your blog when applying for google adsense. You can choose to include your social media profiles on your blog when applying.

Strick adherence to these tips, you should be good to go. Although getting Adsense can be strict because Google are trying to maintain the integrity of their program so your blog.

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