In our Technology Trends (News) today, we are going to reveal to you many changes that Facebook have implored in protecting their terms of use. These changes are neither beneficial to the end users nor yes. We are yet to figure it out if they are going to be of any good to the end users.

Whichever be the case, the rumour about the mega company and all the subsequence changes started taking place after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal in early 2018. Reporting in respect to this trends, on the business insider reportedly said: “The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office fined Facebook £500,000 ($645,000), the highest punishment it can dish out for a data breach.”

After this period, Facebook has put in place every possible best in resolving user data protection to avoid any shortcomings including the recent updates which are going to be discussed here.

Top Recent Updates/Changes by Facebook Inc.

Before we list other top changes made by the most used social media company, let’s look at how it has affected the world. Facebook is the most visited website after, has made the world to see themselves closer than anyone in any part of the world could imagine.

Take a look at how possible the multi-billion company came up with the idea and today, the world can easily communicate with each other without leaving the comfort of their homes. Notwithstanding, different things have been changed in the past few days, weeks or months you may not be aware of and here you go!

  1. Facebook Link Clicked ID Slug changes

As earlier mentioned, a lot of things have happened there which you have not discovered yet or yet to discover. Now, Facebook can idealy inform users that the link you click was from Facebook and that your link click ID is so and so ID. On the Screenshot below, you will understand what am talking about.

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fb Link click url
Changes made to Link Slug by Facebook in Recent Changes

For example, if Amazon posted a link on their Fan page as and a Facebook user decide to click the link, Facebook will add additional string cloaking in an id for the link click.

This has from beginning been deployed by Google Ads to identify link click and give detailed analytics to advertisers but reasons have not been revealed yet why the giant company, Facebook decided to deploy this technology.

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  1. Facebook Fan Page Job Posting Now Enabled

This change came recently about a day or two ago. As earlier said, it has not been revealed yet why these changes have been made but this is perhaps going to be beneficial to big companies that handle mass recruitments including online job postings.

For Classified advertising websites, this is another opportunity to reach more audience by pushing clients job posted adverts to Facebook users.

Now, if you are an admin, author, advertiser, moderator or possess any page role on any page, you will be able to post jobs and allow your fans to apply directly within Facebook. I presume this is an opportunity to fine the right and ready to work individuals for your business.


Facebook Added a Feature to Post Jobs
Facebook Added a Feature to Post Jobs on a Page

Where to Find the Job posting Tab?

  • Log in to your Facebook Account
  • Choose your Facebook Page
  • Tab More if your Tap bar is showing fewer options
  • Tab Jobs
  • Then Tab Create Job
  1. Facebook Added Info and Ads Tab to Fan Pages

The trend is becoming unbearable for page admins this time, or maybe not Facebook has another intention for doing this because, at my end, I seriously don’t see this as something that deserves an update.

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Facebook Added Info and Ads Tab to Pages
Facebook Added Current Info and Ads Tab to Pages

No, like, what am trying to say is; if I have changed my page name from any name before to a new one, I don’t in anyway require Facebook to inform my audience I did that especially the new fans.

I understand when I change my page from “Page Name” to “New Page Name” Facebook do inform my current followers of the changes made. That is very exceptional and understandable for fans to be aware and remain on the same page with page admin. But in a situation where the information will be there and both page owners, followers and none followers will see that such page was changed from this to that or from that to this is a talk of another gist.

Other Changes Made by Facebook Previously includes

  1. Facebook Group Pinned Post to Announcements
  2. Smiley’s Laugh Out Loud shape changed
  3. Say hi to new friends after accepting Friend

TechTrends Round-Up

As per what Facebook has changed, it’s mostly of advantages to users than page admins. But most beneficially, page owners can post jobs for free and allow people who are interested to apply for them within Facebook.

And most importantly, the Facebook link Clicked ID slug is another intriguing technology to monitor spam websites, deceitful and scam websites and so many other benefits that they may offer users later. But for the meantime, this is the best technology by Facebook.


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