Apple after delaying the long-awaited Mac Book Air Release in 2018 have finally done the needful in their October event which took place in Opera House.

Yesterday we were looking at iPad Pro Review 2018 which is one of the gadgets that was launched by Apple in the October event alongside Apple Mac Mani.

Mac Book Air which has been rebranded with a new nice looking sloppy keyboard enabling your typing speed and accuracy while enjoying the 99% performance with 12 Chip. After producing a 12 Chip Mac, rumour have been on the air if Apple could start producing an individual processor instead of depending on Intel. According to a YouTube commenter, if such can be done, it will take time to be affected as Apple have not planned to compete against Intel. But should they do that in anytime, Mac products won’t longer be seen at the affordable rate, instead, we will be looking at $5000+ budget.

We can’t determine why Apple replaced the glowing Apple logo at the back of the PC which is now dark. Fans have raised complains regarding this but I think in the next production, Apple will look into it.

The new Retina display which gives it a nice looking shape, Touch ID to give you a smart user experience and two USB C ports to connect with other devices coupled together to give you the best user experience.

The new thinner and lighter MacBook Air features a brilliant Retina display, the security and convenience of Touch ID, the latest‑generation keyboard, and a Force Touch trackpad. And with an enclosure made with 100 per cent recycled aluminium.

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Touch ID

The fact is, there a lot of new features in the new Mac Book Air which will interest you and catch your memory. What I love most in the new Mac is the Touch ID which allows you to unlock your Mac with a touch of your fingers when it is locked. The Touch ID also enables you to pay on an Apple store with a touch of your finger.

Apple Mac Book Air Touch Pad New Feature
Photo Credit: Apple Launch Event October 2018

Display and Resolution

With 2560 x 1600 screen resolution, you can be sure of a wider viewing experience giving you the opportunity to view even to the edges of the screen retina display. This production has been a dream come true for Apple Product this year achieving the retina display feature and feature like Touch ID.


The New Mac comes with T2 Enslave Security Processor, Unique Per-Chip ID, User and File System keys, Touch ID secure boot process. It also features the Storage SSD controller – AES-256 crypto engine offering you the confidentiality to your documents and files at all point in time.


With a 3rd generational slopy keyboard and butterfly mechanism which guarantee 4 times more stability and usability on-demand typing speed and accuracy. The back-lit allows you to type even in a dark room or at night without light giving you the control to either switch it on or off.

Apple Mac Book Air Keyboard
Photo Credit: Apple Launch Event October 2018

Power charge port, USB-C port to connect to any device including Cameras, Cellphones etc, Thunderbolt, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort allowing you to connect to just anything.

Apple Mac Book Air 2018 Specification

  1. 8th Generation Intel dual-core i5 CPU
  2. Up to 16GB Memory, 2133MHz
  3. Up to 10 Hours Battery Life
  4. Retina Display
  5. 13.3 Display
  6. 4 Million Pixels Camera
  7. 48% more colors on Camera
  8. FaceTime HD Camera
  9. Touch ID
  10. T2 secure Enclave Security Processor, Unique per-chip
  11. ID, User and Filesystem keys
  12. Touch ID Secure boot.
  13. Audio stereo speakers
  14. Three-Mic
  15. Up to 1.5 TB SSD
  16. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports
  17. Made from 100% Recycled Aluminium
  18. Made with 8GB Memory
  19. 128GB SSD
  20. 1.6GHz/3.6GHz core i5
  21. Available colors – Space Grey, Silver and Gold
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Mac Book Air 2018 Prices

Available in:

  • 1.2GHz Processor 256GB Storage
  • 1.3GHz Processor 512GB Storage

Costing $1,299.00 and $1,599.00 respectively


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